1. Rotor Blog - Online Communications
Rotorblog.com provides the latest Web 2.0 news and startup reviews, social networks, and online communications. Reaching 100k readers monthly we have become one of the most popular sources of information for people using Internet to communicate. RotorBlog.com has been created as a place to express his personal opinion and share useful information with other people on different Web 2.0 topics. http://www.rotorblog.com

2. Web Communications Blog
WATBlog is a platform that showcases news, views, reviews and interviews around the Web, Advertising, Online Communication, and Technology fronts. We cover acquisitions, tie ups, startups and funding and also provide tools and tips to our readers. WATBlog is platform for several interesting discussions as we encourage our readers to be vocal and take their feedback, suggestions and analysis very seriously. http://www.watblog.com

3. e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog
Launched back in 2005, the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog is about practical aspects of online communication as well as share more reflective or speculative thoughts about how we behave online and how the Internet is changing the way we communicate and interact with one another. http://www.e-strategyblog.com

4. TopRank Online Marketing Blog
Online Marketing Blog provides daily insights, resources and information on a range of digital marketing and public relations topics including search engine marketing and optimization, social media marketing, business blogging and marketing, and online public relations. We are TopRank's internet marketing blog on the intersection of digital PR, social and search engine marketing. http://www.toprankblog.com

5. International Association of Online Communicators Blog
The International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC) was created by online communicators and is focused exclusively on serving those who practice and teach online communications. Our blog offers the opinions of online communication experts and delivers ongoing news in the online communication field. http://www.iaocblog.com

6. Communication Initiative Network
The Communication Initiative (The CI) network is an online space for sharing the experiences of, and building bridges between, the people and organisations engaged in or supporting communication as a fundamental strategy for economic and social development and change. It does this through a process of initiating dialogue and debate and giving the network a stronger, more representative and informed voice with which to advance the use and improve the impact of communication for development. This process is supported by web-based resources of summarised information and several electronic publications, as well as online research, review, and discussion platforms providing insight into communication for development experiences. http://www.comminit.com

7. Kirk Online Communications
Kirk Communications works with clients at many different stages of their online communication development. We will work with the marketing team to ensure that the marketing strategy is inline with the company goals and work to execute the tactical plan on every level. We are the online communication developer's best resource. http://www.kirkcommunications.com

8. Network Performance Management Software and Tools
NetQoS, Inc. Network performance management software and solutions to manage your network for application performance. We offer the only comprehensive network performance management suite that includes the expert capabilities, workflow, and integration required to optimize application delivery, solve problems faster, mitigate the risks from change, and make smarter infrastructure investments. http://www.netqos.com

9. IRT Call Center Services
Interactive Response Technologies is an award-winning provider of outsourced CRM, customer contact programs and call center services, including inbound and outbound voice, email and live agent chat services. Through proactive program management, talented, well-trained staff, leading edge technology and robust reporting, we're dedicated to helping you add value to your customer relationships with on demand call center services. http://www.callcenter.com

10. Nokia Cellular Services
Nokia is the world's leading mobile phone supplier and a leading supplier of mobile and fixed telecom networks including related customer services. Nokia serves the most cellular users around the world and provides the best support and customer service. http://www.nokia.com

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